There are some dresses I used to shy away from wearing because I detest the fact that my bra straps show whenever I put those dresses on. A bra is meant to be worn under the main garment and I personally don’t like the idea of the straps showing or peeping out from under my blouse or dress, this sure makes me feel uncomfortable. Now, I know some people see it as fashion and some just like the color of their bra so much that they want it to be seen. No problem with that, just that sometimes, the sight can be very unsightly! Anyway, I was able to find out some tips on how to convert just one bra and make it go well with dresses of various necklines. Ever since then, I’ve been comfortably wearing those dresses without my bra straps showing at all. I’m sure you already know most of these tips but I’ll still like to share them with you anyway. Enjoy!
Almost everyone has a convertible bra. A convertible bra is simply a bra with straps that can be removed, which means that the straps aren’t sewn onto the bra. The straps have hooks and you can reattach them to the bra in different ways. This gives different options, making it easy to wear them with clothes of different necklines without the straps showing.

Option 1
Crossover bra: Your convertible bra can be turned into a crossover bra by simply removing the straps and rearranging them. Remove each strap from its loop at the back then cross it over so that the strap hooked to the front left side will be attached to the loop on the right at the back while the strap hooked to the front right side will be attached to the loop on the left at the back.image.jpegimage

Option 2
Halter neck bra: This is another style your convertible bra can be converted to. Simply remove one bra strap totally from its loops (front and back) then remove the other strap from its loop at the back, make it cross your neck from behind then attach it to the front loop of the other side.imageimage

Option 3
Strapless bra: This can be achieved by simply removing both straps totally from the bra. Make sure the bra is firm enough though before going for this option so it doesn’t fall off from under your dress or blouse.imageimageimage.jpeg

Option 4
One shoulder bra: Remove the bra strap completely from that particular side where you don’t want it to show, you’ll be left with only one bra strap on one side OR after removing one strap completely, you can remove the other strap from its own loop at the back then attach it to the loop at the back of the other side.imageimageimage
I hope that was a bit helpful, keep looking beautiful!



  1. Helloney
    October 16, 2016 / 7:34 pm

    Nice tips….
    Finally, I can rock those “complicated” outfits.
    I really detest bra straps showing.
    I see it as a fashion faux pas.

    Keep up the good work.

    • October 16, 2016 / 8:09 pm

      Yes dear, it really is a fashion faux pas! Thank you and all the best rocking ‘those’ outfits! šŸ˜‰šŸ˜˜

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