As usual, alone in my room I sat, a room which seems so cavernous tonight. I looked through the window, again lost in my own thoughts. There’s something about the thickness of the night, something so scary but refreshing, something so lonely yet engaging. There’s something about the quietness, something with the great ability to transport me to my inner world, something that makes me think hard and long. These are my musings, these are my thoughts, let me take you on a ride with me…..       image

1. I so badly wish I can see me with my own eyes. I badly wish I can sit down and have me stand in front of me. See how I really am without the deceit of the mirror and have a tete â tete with me.

2. Even God must have loved blue or why is the sky blue and the seas beautifully decorated in blue?

3. What you’ve seen can’t be unseen. Don’t dig too much, you just might discover something that will haunt you for life.

4. I envy people who know right from the start which path they want to follow. I envy them because every good path appeals to me.

5. If we are to be addressed the way we are dressed, then I can as well judge a book by its cover.

6. Thank God there’s always a tomorrow, to correct our mistakes and make peace with our yesterdays.

7. Don’t boast in your riches, never curse yourself in your poverty because my dear, nothing really last forever. We will all die. And what if on getting to the other side, the poor live the rich life and the rich live the poor life? Who really can know that for sure?

8. Nobody desires to wait on anybody. So if you have people who wait on you, treat them nicely. It’s a rare privilege for you, not them.

9. My dreams sometimes seem so real that I get to wonder whether or not I actually live in two worlds. What if being awake here is me dreaming in the other world and dreaming here is just me being awake in the other world? It really is a mystery.

10. Some people you wish you had met a long time ago. Some you wish you had not met at all. Maybe the people you wish you had not met at all already fulfilled their purpose in your life, maybe the very reason God allowed them into your life has been accomplished. And the people you wish you had met a long time ago, maybe this is just the right time for them to fulfill purpose in your life. Make best use of the time you have with each person.

11. The ideal thing to do when in a relationship where you are not being treated right is to leave, at the drop of a hat. We all know that. It’s just that sometimes, what the heart wants can be really complicated.

12. What really is vanity? What really is not? If I indulge myself, buy me all the fine things of life, live in the finest places, do everything to make me happy, I’ll die and it will be all over. But then again, if I prevent myself from enjoying all the good things of life, If I wear tattered clothes and live in mud houses, I’ll still die and it will be all over. Ain’t they all vanity? So I’ve decided to indulge myself, at least others can enjoy the good things I leave behind. That’s much better than going to the grave with nothing to leave behind.

13. Children often are reflections of the homes they come from. A child with very poor self esteem most likely already have it crushed by the parents, be it through verbal abuse or other form of abuse.

14. Maybe you seek too much, that you can’t find. Maybe you hold too tightly, that you can’t just embrace. Maybe you fall in love too easily, that you can’t truly love. Maybe you think too hard, that you can’t really recall. Maybe you look too hard, that you can’t see…..


  1. June 19, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    Nice one dearie

  2. zainab lawal
    June 20, 2016 / 4:09 am

    Very nice piece!

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