Hello everyone! Compliments of the season to you all and welcome to 2017! I hope 2016 was good to you? Even if it wasn’t, not to worry, I’m sure 2017 will be better. The year already promises to be fully loaded with joy all around.This is my first post for the year, I’m pretty excited and all I just want you to know today is that whatever you set your mind to achieve, you definitely can achieve.

Remember the story of J.K. Rowling? The great author of Harry Potter series? Hers is that of a ‘grass to grace’ story. Still read her story up few days ago, got inspired as usual and decided to write something about her wonderful journey, just something inspirational to kickstart the new year.

I got the story on Wikipedia by the way, meanwhile, I’m going to put those things that really struck me about her story in points below.

  • J.K. Rowling was on a delayed flight when she conceived the idea for the Harry Potter series.
  • Twelve publishing houses turned her down.
  • The only person who agreed to get the story published advised her to get a day job because she has little chance of making money in children’s books.
  • She was very poor, living on state benefits until she finished the first story in the Harry Potter series.
  • Within five years, she moved from living on state benefits to becoming a multimillionaire.
  • Now, she’s UK best selling living author.
  • Harry Potter has become the best selling book series in history, selling more than 400million copies.

That, you’ll agree, really is a story of living from ‘rags to riches’. Now, imagine what would have happened if she complained all through when her flight was delayed and didn’t put the ‘wasted time’ to use. Or if she gave up when those twelve publishing houses turned her down. Or if she had become downcast and retrieved her manuscripts when she was told she won’t make money in children’s books. We probably wouldn’t have even heard about her today. Harry Potter would have been just a dream we probably wouldn’t have heard anything about! But because she was determined, persistent, believed in her self and her talent and of course, with God’s backing, she was able to move from being very poor to becoming a multimillionaire within the space of five years!
All I really want to say is that, in this new year, believe in yourself even when others don’t believe in you. Believe in your talent and most definitely, believe in God. Nothing really is impossible if you set your heart to it. 2017 is like a blank slate, make very good use of it.

And finally, thank you all for the love shown in 2016, let’s do it again this year…..Remain inspired!



  1. Helloney
    September 19, 2018 / 9:53 am

    Just seeing this now…
    Oh well!
    It’s still valid.
    Believe in yourself and believe in God.

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