I bet the only thing most people use a brooch for is to close the gap between their shirts or just to hold clothing together. Some don’t even ever see the need for it at all. I love brooches so much, they are so versatile and has proved over and over again to be an ideal fashion staple. They can be used to turn that old shirt into something new or just bring life to that old dying cloth. The styling possibilities for brooches are endless,written below are few of the several ways you can use a brooch.

1. For an oversized dress or blouse, gather the extra fabric at the front or back around the waist to make a pleat then pin the gathered fabric with a brooch.

2. Place a brooch on the lapel of your blazer or jacket to create an instant glamorous look. You can place on just one side or both sides.

3. Place a brooch in the middle of a plain skirt just around the waist.

4. Place a brooch at the top of your skirt’s slit.

5. Place a brooch on the left or right side of your blouse, dress or shirt. It can also be placed at the centre of your blouse just below the neckline.

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6. Scatter brooches on your blouse to give it a different look.

7. Button a shirt all the way to the top and pin a brooch over the top button.

8. Small sized matching brooches can be pinned down the front of a blouse to create a ‘decorative button look’.

9. Dress up a boring looking fabric bag or purse with a brooch.

10. Pin matching brooches on plain shoes.

11. Place a brooch on a plain coloured cap.

12. Attach a brooch to your chain to make a pendant.

13. Pin brooches to hair for decoration.

Really, there are a million ways to ‘broach up your look’ all it takes is to think outside the box. Enhance your style with brooches, broach up your ensemble and keep looking beautiful!