It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. I woke up trying so hard to fight off the sleep, so determined not to be late for church. Grudgingly dragged myself to the bathroom, got out, dressed up and looked in the mirror. Satisfied with my look I told myself, babe, You look so gorgeous! Took some selfies and headed out of the room. The beautiful dress I wore required the assistance of two people to zip up,had to hold my tummy in and I can hardly breathe. But who cares?! It’s gorgeous! I got into a cab and as the car jolted forward, the zip gave way. Oh my! Oh my! Had to alight from the cab feeling embarrassed. Luckily I saw two women down the road who helped in restoring the zipper. Thought about going back home but I braved the storm. Got to church, people told me how gorgeous I looked and I just smiled and told myself, if only they knew! I’m sure many ladies have had similar experiences. Be it zippers that suddenly gave way, buttons that suddenly go missing, heels that break, dresses that got torn or suddenly decides to go with the wind,whatever it is that suddenly go wrong with your dressing.imageimage Wardrobe malfunction is not a respecter of anybody and the sight can be pretty pretty bad. Even the celebrities and our dear Duchess of Cambridge have had their own fair share. How well you handle this evil really can determine how bad it turns out to be. When my zip got worn out, of course there were faces staring blankly at me but I chose to remain calm, laughed at myself and walked gracefully down to meet the two women who helped restore it. I didn’t stand there covered in shame, looking gloomy or beat myself up. It wasn’t my fault that the zip decided to give way, well, maybe a little. When one of my heels broke while going back home from an event, I damned the consequences and staring faces,walked home barefooted smiling and greeting everyone that stared and I had a good time doing that. My point is, when you experience this evil called wardrobe malfunction, don’t go about looking gloomy, beating yourself up or just acting like a plain old grumpy cat. It’s not like that’s the end of the world! These things happen and it’s never your fault. How then can you handle the situation?

1. A good sense of humour will help. Learn to laugh at yourself, have fun and move on. It’s difficult but it makes the situation less embarrassing.image

2. Be prepared for it. I mean, make sure those undies are clean so you don’t get too embarrassed in case your dress or skirt decides to go with the wind.

3. Wearing a tube top and a micro mini with a slit may be a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen. What if the slit decide to go higher and the neckline lower at the same time? Sure it’ll be an embarrassing sight if they meet in the middle. Point is, keep it classy!

4. Keep a brooch in your purse, for days the zip wears out, the buttons give way or a slight tear shows up on your dress.

5. A scarf in your bag, for situations brooches can’t handle.

6. A pair of flat sandals or slippers for days the heels decide to break.

7. A needle and thread in your purse, for days they’ll be badly needed.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? How well did you handle it? Comments are highly welcomed.